PRESTASI-USAID Graduate Scholarship 2012

Target of Participant for PRESTASI Program are as follow:

  • Emerging Leaders
  • NGO
  • Public and private sector institutions
  • Female participation
  • Under-represented and disadvantaged areas

The goal of PRESTASI is to improve the performance and leadership skills of Indonesian professionals, which, in turn will help to promote development in Indonesia. Specifically, PRESTASI will provide training and technical services required to strengthen and expand the base of skilled, high-performing professionals and institutions in Indonesia’s public and private sector.

Selection Criteria:

The selection process is highly competitive. Candidates must show: Continue reading


BAJS Postgraduate Studentships at UK University 2012

The Association was formed in 1974, with the ‘aim to encourage Japanese studies in the UK, in particular by stimulating teaching and research’. With this in mind, the Association’s first Conference was convened in Cambridge at Easter 1975, and since then the BAJS Conference has been an annual event.

From 2010, the BAJS Conference will be held on a tri-annual basis, alternating with the European Association for Japanese Studies and the Joint East Asian Studies Conferences, with opportunities to stage a variety of smaller events during the other two years.

Postgraduate Studentships in the field of Japanese Studies for the students of all nationalities at UK University 2012

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Chinese Government Scholarship at Nanjing University 2012

Chinese Government Scholarship is a scholarship set up by the Chinese government to facilitate students and scholars from all over the world to conduct their study and research in Chinese universities. The scholarship aims to increase the mutual understanding and friendship between people of China and people from the rest of the world and to develop the communication and cooperation between China and the rest of the world in the field of Education, Technology, Culture and Economics.

(1) Academic Background: Applicant must have completed a four-year undergraduate degree for master degree pursuer and a master degree or equivalent for PhD degree pursuer. Continue reading


Nitori International Scholarship was established in march with a monetary donation from akiko NITORI the director of the foundation. The main aim is to help international students from the Asian countries to grant them scholarship to study in Japan so that they can fulfil their dreams to study at Japan Universities to set up mutual friendship between Asian countries and to cultivate the human resource.

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Camille Jordan

CAMILLE JORDAN was born into a well-to-do family on January 5, 1838, in Lyons, France. Like his father, he graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique and became an engineer. Nearly all of his 120 research papers in mathematics were written before his retirement from engineering in 1885. From 1873 until 1912, Jordan taught simultaneously at the the Ecole Polytechnique and at the College of France.

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Joseph Lagrange

JOSEPH LOUIS LAGRANGE was born in Italy of French ancestry on January 25, 1736. He became captived by mathematics at an early age when he read an essay by Halley on Newton’s calculus. At the age of 19, he became a professor of mathematics at the Royal Artillery School in Turin. Lagrange made significant contributions to many branches of mathematics and physics, among them the theory of numbers, the theory of equations, ordinary and partial ifferential equations, the calculus of variations, analytic geometry, fluid dynamics, and celestial mechanics. His methods for solving third- and forth-degree  polynomial equations by radicals laid the groundwork for the group-theoretic approach to solving polynomials taken by Galois. Lagrange was a very careful writer with a clear and elegant style.

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AUGUSTIN LOUIS CAUCHY was born on August 21, 1789, in Paris, the eldest of six children. By the time he was 11, both Laplace and Lagrange han recognized Cauchy’s  extraordinary talent for mathematics. In school he won prizes for Greek, Latin, and the humanities. At the age of 21, he was given a commission in Napoleon’s army as a civil engineer. For the next few years, Cauchy attended to his engineering duties while carrying out brilliant mathematical research on the side.

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Himpunan (1)


Himpunan adalah kumpulan obyek-obyek yang terdefinisi dengan baik.

Metode untuk mendeskripsikan suatu himpunan:

  1. Dengan metode tabulasi (mendata semua anggota)
  2. Dengan metode pembentuk himpunan.

Himpunan Bagian (Subset):

A disebut himpunan bagian dari B jika semua anggota A merupakan anggota B. Continue reading